Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh GEEE.. Bulgogi!!!

I first discovered Bulgogi back in the late 90's and fell in love. It is Korean-style marinade used on different kinds of meats which are then barbecued on high heat. The result is carmalized goodness of meat literally falling off the bone. I snagged the recipe and have used it so many times, the recipe card has become quite worn.

We like to marinate flap meat or skirt steak in this delicious goodness for two or three hours during the summer, then toss it on the grill. Chop up the meat, add some cilantro and throw it in tortillas.. its summer heaven!

However, it is November and grilling season is over for us. (We are not quite ready to move our grill to the porch like many of our friends do). But..the craving for the taste of Bulgogi cannot be contained. So... I decided to go on a limb and try the fusion route.

2 pounds of ground beef replaced the steak. I browned the beef first, then added the marinade. A little chicken stock was tossed in so the meat would not go dry.  Left it alone to simmer for a bit while final prep was made- tortillas, chopped tomatoes and some delicious kale. The final result.. Bulgogi tacos!!!

Nestled in was a little chicken stock infused rice and it was a YUMMY dinner indeed!!!

Never be afraid to think outside the box, try something new and always incorporate your favorites!!


  1. AWESOME idea LaDonna! Way to think outside of the box! I'm going to give this a try :-)

  2. Tracey, you are not unknown to me!! Thank you and please share the blog! I can post the actual marinade recipe if you like!!