Thursday, July 24, 2014

A new twist on Mac and Cheese

My foodie buddies are going to hate this post. Why? Because I didn't even attempt to take the beautiful picture of the truly yummy food. I chose instead to show you the true reality of the home cook.. and it always pretty, folks. But.. boy.. is it good. I made the Tuscan Herb Sauce Mac and Cheese from the great folks at #Barilla. And it was.. incredible...

Yep, no beautiful dishes, no pretty lighting. Just the food in all its raw glory AFTER we ate. Gotta keep it real, you know? This was a true hit. Barilla Tuscan Herb sauce simmered with heavy cream (calorie fiends, read no more). Then tossed with elbow pasta, parm cheese and topped with shredded fontina. Heaven!!!

Food doesn't always have to have the superb lighting of a stage set. Sometimes, it is just as well to show the real side and say it was good just as is.  Enjoy! :)